Childrens Artwork as Gift Wrap


Wrap presents with your children’s artwork. You save these artistic wonders throughout the year and then what do you do with it?  Take these works of art off the refrigerator and use it as gift wrap this holiday season.  Grandparents will love this idea.  Another great option, use craft paper and allow your kids to decorate it with paint, crayons, markers and glitter…. We have given our vacation renters this idea as we have a full arts and crafts area for children in all of our vacation homes.  This is a link for more Eco Friendly childs play EcoChilds Play


 Potted spruce tree

For millions of people, the Christmas tree is an iconic image of the holidays. The smell of pine, the sight of twinkling lights and the colorful packages which lie at its base all conjure up images of warm memories from Christmases past. But unlike the days of yore, today’s generations have many options to consider for their holiday tree. We are blessed to live on one of the most beautiful islands in the San Juan Islands Orcas Island. Our home sits on 8 acres of privacy and the tall Douglas fir trees add to the privacy and tranquil beauty. When we were away last winter someone clear cut a grove of these magnificent trees just so they could have a better view. We now have a picnic area and will be replanting trees in the spring. This experience gave us a renewed appreciation for how important trees are in our lives. This year, make your Christmas tree eco-friendly. We are doing our part this year and are going to use our Christmas tree to replant our new picnic grove.  We are also giving a Christmas Tree credit to our Vacation Renter for purchasing trees that can be replanted in the garden.  


here are five simple tips from the elves at Earth911:Click here for all the details!
Click here to find out how to recycle your tree

1. Replant or Donate
2. Let There Be LED Light
3. Make or Buy Recycled Ornaments
4. Alternative Christmas Tree
5. Recycle Your Tree With Earth911